Exam 1 Objectives from the Notes_WITHANSWERS

Exam 1 Objectives from the Notes_WITHANSWERS - 1 MANAGEMENT...

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MANAGEMENT 3200 EXAM ONE OBJECTIVES (FROM THE NOTES) INVITATION TO MANAGEMENT 1. What is management? 2. What are the 2 key concerns of management? 3. What is effectiveness concerned with? efficiency? The more concerned with efficiency the harder it is to be effective Concerned with ends – effectiveness. Efficiency – means to ends 4. How are effectiveness and efficiency related? Efficient organizations are effective but its not a guarantee 5. What is your important resource as a manager? Human resource injellitance – threatens staffing injellitance 6. Is management art or science? When is it considered a science? an art? both! Academic – sci. practice – art. Euifinality 7. How did management become important and why is it still significant today? industrial revolution – skills of craftsmen and transfer them to machines. Unskilled labor. Productivity goes up. prices come down. Demand goes up. Factories grow in size. Creates shirt from owner mngr to prof mngr. 8. What was the basic change in the industrial revolution? skills to craftmen transfer to machine 9. What happened to productivity (supply), prices, and demand as a result of the industrial revolution? 10. What was the pivotal event of our time, according to Drucker? 11. Why do most businesses fail? Poor management 1
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What are the names associated with 1 st -line management? impliment plans efficiently thru labor. Only mngr not to mnge managers. 1 st line comes from labor. Manage their friends. 13. What does a middle level manager do? What are the names associated with middle level manager? integrate & interpret!!! Manage first line and work groups. Deptmt head, regional sales mngr, etc 14. What is corporate downsizing? What happens in corporate downsizing? What level of management is most adversely affected? focus on efficiency. Cut costs. Eliminate mngmnt levels. . typically middle. Outsource staff mngmt jobs – cheaper. Implement mngment info centers. 15. What does a top manager do? What are the names associated with top management? planning & legitimizing. Overall goals & plans to achieve goals. Plans = strategy (strategic planning). CEO, CFO, CSO, COO, chairman of the board. Vicepres. 16. What is the difference between a line manager and a staff manager? line mngr – whats produced, how produced. Doesn’t have to follow staff’s advice. Has all the power. 17. What is the difference between a functional manager and a general manager? functional – mnging one area. General mngr – mnging many areas 18. What is the difference between an administrator and a manager? doing same thing but in different orgs. Administrater – public not for profit. Mngr – private sector **EX: ceo of neiman marcus. Top level. Line. General.** 19. What are the five functions of management? Be able to identify and describe the five functions of management. post lick – planning org staffing leading controlling.
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Exam 1 Objectives from the Notes_WITHANSWERS - 1 MANAGEMENT...

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