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Lecture5_PhotoEthics-Moodle - EthicalPerspectives...

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1 Ethical Perspectives • Categorical Imperative – Immanuel Kant • Utilitarianism–John Stuart Mill •Hedon i sm – Greek •Go lden Mean–Aristotle lden Rule – Judeo Christian •Ve i l of Ignorance–John Rawls 1994 Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo: SPOT NEWS by Paul Watson 1996 Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo Photo: SPOT NEWS by Charles Porter IV 1994 Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo: FEATURE PHOTOGRAPHY by Kevin Carter Violence r y photos can be ethical to print if: –Fa ir and accurate representation of what happened – Need a compelling reason Violence •I f public needs information in photo to make informed choices, then we must run the photo • We cannot make informed choices unless we have access to fair and accurate information •Soc ie ta l issues can outweigh personal tragedy
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2 Paul Johnson Jr. • American helicopter engineer •Wo rked for Lockheed Martin in Saudi Arabia • Kidnapped and killed by a terrorist group •V ideo of beheading released and posted online (2004) Pictorial Stereotypes “Whether right or wrong… imagination is shaped by the pictures seen… Consequently, they can lead to stereotypes that are hard to shake.” Wl t Li (1922 ‐‐ Walter Lippmann (1922) “The capacity of the news media to create and perpetuate prejudice is one of the most unsettling and frightening aspects of American journalism” ‐‐ Ed Alwood (1996) The media must break the cycle of stereotypical attitudes June 1994 Alteration of the moment in time
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  • Spring '08
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  • Photojournalism, Pulitzer Prize, National Press Photographers Association, National Press Photographers, Press Photographers Association

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Lecture5_PhotoEthics-Moodle - EthicalPerspectives...

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