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Treasury Mgt and its Function

Treasury Mgt and its Function - If we have to describe...

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Unformatted text preview: If we have to describe treasury management, then we can state that it is the management of cash , fund , currency, bank and financial risk. So, it is an imperative tool of finance. In this management, finance manager checks the cash inflow and outflow. He makes the list of all receivable amounts which will increase treasure house of company . He also tracks the dates in which he has to receive the fund from debtors . Under this management, he estimates all financial risk for investment of cash. All investment is on the basis of investment policy. Many organizations have separate treasury department. If company deals with foreign currency, then management of foreign currency risk is the duty of treasury department. Suppose, Google Inc. USA Company which is a MNC and it receives the fund from advertisers and shares with adsense publisher. A good treasury officer can give the advice to Google Inc. about when company should pay advertisers and shares with adsense publisher....
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