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mkt 3401 midterm noteswap2

mkt 3401 midterm noteswap2 - MKT TEST 1 STUDY GUIDE What it...

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MKT TEST 1 STUDY GUIDE What it takes to be successful 1. Market yourself- Be seen; be in a position where people see you 2. Sell yourself -Distinguish yourself from other people 3. Networking -Be able to maintain contacts 4. Know people Traits to be successful 1. Be creative! 2. Be aggressive -When they say No, you don’t give up; you regroup and try again 3. Be enthusiastic -Don’t let an individual bring down the excitement 4. Be smart 5. Be honest -They want to know that you will be trustworthy enough to handle a company credit card responsibly, etc. a. Be able to say ‘Oops! I messed up.” How do you sell yourself? Almehranian: likeability Project the image of a likeable person 38% of the impact you have is on 3 qualities 1. Vocal delivery - So many distractions, have to get people to listen to you ; -hold their interest through distractions 1.a) Tone is critical in vocal delivery Killer B’s of tone(messes up tone): o Boredom o Bitterness 1.b) Pause -Pause is huge! When you pause, goes to visual delivery 2. Visual delivery 2.a) Facial expression is the most effective; sets the mood 2.b) Default look is the look you have when people see you 2.c) Dress 1 notch above expectations 2.d) Hands Do not put in pocket! 2.e) Feet Know when to move 3. Verbal arrangement 3.a) Not content, we are talking about likeability 3.b) The way you arrange your words 3.c) Need good AGM Kinds of presenters(Levels) 1) Showrunner -Someone that is just a great presenter; can captivate an audience 2) Artists -Person who is eccentric; looks a little crazy but might have some good ideas 3) Neophite -Your everyday presenter; good, but not THAT good; your average presenter; amateur
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a. Usually these types have the information you need; just pay attention; should probably listen Credibility -need to understand credibility -personal selling in marketing How to make yourself more credible to people? 3 Areas of credibility 1) Positive credibility -We like what we know about speaker; will probably listen to them 2) Damaged credibility 3) In motion What are factors that will enhance your credibility? 1) Trust -sincerity, honesty, if you are slightly nervous, could be a sign of sincerity a. 3 levels of trust a.1. Honesty and sincerity -Keep secrets a.2. Empathy in relationship -Know the people you are talking to in-depth a.3. Knowledge/Expertise -Can be trustworthy, but what’s it matter if you don’t know how to do the job? 2) Position/Status/Success -People more apt to listen to people in higher, more respectable positions and people who are successful 3) Identification -Enhance credibility by examples you use a. No one is perfect, but work hard to portray an image of yourself b. Know how to appeal to different types of people 4) Charisma
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