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mkt 3401 noteswap 1a - Marketing 3401 by Tommy Karam Test 1...

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Marketing 3401 by: Tommy Karam, Test 1, Spring 2009 I. January 13, 2009 - Introduction II. January 15, 2009 a. Keys to being successful by John Camp a.i. Market yourself a.i.1. Have to be seen and have the skills to market yourself a.i.1.a. You’re good enough to go out and get involved in the community, speak at seminars, write an article. a.i.1.b. You have to have the skills, but you have to have the self marketability to make those skills seen and profitable a.ii. Sell yourself a.ii.1. People have to pay attention to you a.ii.1.a. You have to be able to communicate and have interpersonal skills. a.iii. Have to know people a.iii.1. People are your access to information a.iii.1.a. Expose yourself and be seen for your company a.iii.1.b. You have to be a people person. a.iii.1.c. Have good networking skills. a.iii.1.d. The ability to get out, know people, be exposed, and be seen a.iv. Maintain contacts a.iv.1. Long term relationships and cultivate b. Traits that make you marketable b.i. Marketable and creative b.i.1. Be able to change and adjust a problem b.ii. Smart b.ii.1. Don’t want just to 4.0 have to be well polished b.ii.2. Enthusiastic students are well rounded b.iii. Enthusiastic b.iii.1. Energy b.iii.2. Cultured people b.iii.2.a. Don’t want people who are drowning on a company b.iii.2.b. Culture of the organization b.iv. Aggressive b.iv.1. Not overly bold or rude b.iv.2. If cant solve a problem, one way to tweak it and find a new route to solve the problem b.iv.2.a. Relentless or timid people who can solve the problem b.v. Honesty b.v.1. People can destroy a company b.v.2. Third skill that they look for b.v.3. Honesty arrives with what you do
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b.v.4. Tell them the truth, confront the problem, and the way that you work b.v.5. People are a reflection of their company c. No one trait is more important than the others d. The most important trait is whichever is the most important to you e. Sell yourself e.i. Al Merhanian (sp?) e.i.1. Likeability e.i.1.a. Pay attention to you e.i.1.a.i. Lack a likeability will cause you to get passed over e.i.1.a.ii. 38% of what your likeability is your voice e.i.1.a.ii.1. Have to be aware of: e.i.1.a.ii.1.a. Bitterness and boredom e.i.1.a.ii.1.a.i. Avoid e.i.1.a.ii.1.a.ii. Talk is criticized e.i.1.a.ii.1.b. Articulate e.i.1.a.ii.1.b.i. Clean e.i.1.a.ii.1.b.ii. Polished e.i.1.a.ii.1.c. Incorporate pauses e.i.1.a.ii.1.c.i. To be effective e.i.1.a.ii.1.c.ii. Manage e.i.1.a.ii.1.c.iii. Be comfortable to pause e.i.1.a.ii.1.c.iv. You are in control e.i.1.a.iii. 55% of your delivering is visual e.i.1.a.iii.1.Facial expressions e.i.1.a.iii.1.a. Default look e.i.1.a.iii.1.a.i. Understand and manage your default look e.i.1.a.iv. 7% is verbal arrangement of the presentation III. January 20, 2009 a.i.1.a.i. 55% of your delivering is visual a.i.1.a.i.1. Eye contact a.i.1.a.i.1.a. Use your engaging look do not do over a.i.1.a.i.1.b. React to the facial expressions and behavior of your audience (ex. Kramer – so what) a.i.1.a.i.2. Dress
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mkt 3401 noteswap 1a - Marketing 3401 by Tommy Karam Test 1...

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