ATH field site visit #3 - Copy

ATH field site visit #3 - Copy - Winston Gordon ATH175...

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Winston Gordon ATH175 9/19/11 Field Site Visit #3 Setting: The setting is the basketball courts at the rec. The space is being organized the same way as the last two visits, however, on one of the three basketball courts half of a court is being used for badminton. Scene: The people here are using this space for recreational competition and to play a sport. What I failed to mention in the past two visits was that the people here are also using this space for social interaction. Some people may come here to make new friends and to socialize, even if this cannot be determined for sure. Participants: There are 38 people here, 4 of which are female, and the remaining 34 are male. There is one male that is not a college student, as far as it looks. In previous site visits, it was excluded that there are many different ethnic groups, races and types of people here. There are three black males, three Hispanic looking males, three Asian females, eight Asian males, and the rest of the participants are white. Ten of the eleven Asians are located on the farthest court from the door, four of which are playing badminton and five are shooting hoops for fun together. Also, all of the Hispanic males and the black males are on the same team playing on the same court. The culture of this area is not so much a melting pot as much as a tossed salad. The Asian
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ATH field site visit #3 - Copy - Winston Gordon ATH175...

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