ATH175 Field site visit #2 questions

ATH175 Field site visit #2 questions - ever know exactly...

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Winston Gordon Field Site Visit # 2 Questions 9/12/11 ATH175 1. This site is interesting because I love sports and basketball. I picked it because I am very familiar with the site. 2. I grew up watching a number of sports on television with my family and also playing many sports throughout my childhood and adolescence. This helps me understand many of the actions and emotions present in this situation. 3. Being so familiar with the game and with this setting, I may overlook simple things that happen that in an unfamiliar situation I would normally recognize because I hadn’t seen it before. 4. I will not have access to the cultural backgrounds of these people’s lives. Also, I will not
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Unformatted text preview: ever know exactly why these people come to this place. I can make educated guesses, but will never fully know the truth. 5. I am likely to not understand why the people act and play this game the way they do, because I do not have access to their backgrounds. Some are cocky, some are timid, and some are just horrible basketball players. Why this is, I will never know. 6. I can observe without bias the actions that are occurring before, during, and after the game, and accurately record precise descriptions of everything that happens....
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