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ATH175 field site visit #2

ATH175 field site visit #2 - Winston Gordon Field Site...

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Winston Gordon Field Site Visit # 2 9/12/11 ATH175 Setting: The rec center at the gym. Hard wood floors, white and gray brick walls, a track running above all the way around the basketball courts, three large nets hanging from a metal beam lofted above the spaces between each two courts. The people define the space by being athletic and participating in recreational games. Scene: The basketball going on this time is more of a serious mood, probably because I am here an hour earlier than last time and everyone is not tired. There is not as much laziness and more people are here to play, so winning is a bigger desire because if you win on a court, you keep playing. Participants : 42 people. 41 are male, and one is female once again. There is one male that appears to be not a college student. All of the people present are here to fulfill the role of playing in a recreational basketball game. Ends:
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