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Winston Gordon ATH175 9/19/11 Field Site Visit #3 1. One activity that has annoyed me and always has about certain people is that there is always that one guy playing in a basketball game that gets frustrated and angry with himself and is upset during the whole game, which makes the situation more tense and less fun. 2. I did not make any blunders or social errors. 3. I thought that they were like me, they were athletic and competitive. I even saw myself in a few of them, in how competitive they were. 4. My views of my hosts have changed slightly, as I have thought deeper and deeper each time I go back to my field site. I now realize how diverse my hosts can be. 5. The only reason that I would have wanted to change sites is because I felt like I was getting the same notes out of each visit, until I pushed deeper and deeper each time I went back. 6. There were not any times where I was angry, alienated or depressed, because I am
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Unformatted text preview: familiar with my site and my emotions stay rather constant. 7. I didn’t have feelings to deal with because of the reasons stated above. 8. Yes, during my third visit I realized that some of the more athletic guys at my site looked down upon some of the less athletic Asian guys, because sports are not as much a part of Asian culture as they are of typical American culture. 9. I did not think at any point that my hosts practices are better than mine because I am so familiar with the situation. I have been in the situation that I’m studying so many times that I do everything by routine, and have adapted my own way of doing the typical things that people do in this situation. 10. No, I have had no discomforts in my routines. However, my views have slightly changed on my hosts after considering so deeply their actions and styles....
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