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ATH 175: Peoples and Cultures of the World Questions for Discussion Trobriand Cricket: An Ingenious Response to Colonialism is a film by Jerry Leach and Gary Kildea that explores a crucial aspect of social and cultural process: the ways in which elements from foreign cultures are introduced into a society and adapted to the social and cultural milieu of local conditions, a process sometimes called hybridity or syncretism . The British introduced cricket to many of their colonies, and Jamaicans, Indians, and Pakistanis are among the world’s best cricketers today. But in the Trobriand Islands, cricket escaped from its English mold. In this case, the introduction of the British sport of cricket, combined with the suppression of several traditional forms of ceremony and warfare, has given rise to an institution quite different from anything that the original British missionaries who brought cricket to the Trobriands could have imagined. Please note that films are also forms of intercultural encounter.
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ATH175 Trobriand Cricket notes -...

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