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ATH175 Week 1 Response - 1 As stated in"Connected in...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. As stated in "Connected in Cairo," globalization can mean many things. In the case of Egyptians struggling to be modern, however, cultural globalization plays a huge role. The transfusion of many different cultures, especially the American culture, is the main reason why Egyptians struggle to be both Egyptian and modern at the same time. Knowledge of what these American places, things, clothes, activities, ideas, and more is also a problem. There is such a huge gap between the lower class Egyptian and the upper class Egyptian that, in turn, knowledge possessed by the upper class is likely not shared with the lower class. This causes differences in styles, and all of the American things mentioned above. Ironically, the upper class and lower class Egyptians could almost be said to have different cultures. Technically, you could say the same thing about the modern American upper and lower class. However, in America, there is a large middle class through which standards can be passed down even into the lower class from...
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