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2. One reason why AUC decided to disallow the niqab to be worn on campus is because some of the professors found it frightening and alienating, and that it threatened personal security. The Egyptian faculty members did not like the trend that the veil represented, saying that this was a “step backward.” Also, AUC provides you with a liberal education. With the veiling of faces, communication is difficult and interaction among students is hindered. These two things are key parts of a liberal education. I believe that. I do believe that AUC is just in their banning of the veils for several reasons. One reason is that AUC is a prestigious university in Egypt, and is seen as having excellent academic achievement. The veiling of certain faces creates tension in the classroom and may cause conflict among certain groups within the university, which could in turn compromise the well-known status of the university. Also, I believe that safety is an issue in this case. Like Peterson says, “You don’t know who
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