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3. I believe that the Egyptian people are blamed for these failures for several reasons. One reason is that the western businessmen do not want to take the blame. The businessmen figure, why not portray the Egyptian manager as incoherent and unable to understand the aspects of the business? The Egyptian manager will not know what to do about this situation due to unfamiliarity with western business styles. Also, Egyptian managers are blamed for the fail of Western businesses because they are not familiar with the western global styles of business. The educated Egyptians who would be managing the western business may only know firsthand of the properties of local businesses, like there are so many of in Egypt. This could cause the western businessmen to lay the entire blame for the failure of a company solely on the manager. 4. One aspect of life in which cultural brokers could be important is in politics. In the age of globalization, government leaders have to converse with foreign nations and engage in
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Unformatted text preview: international political affairs on a regular basis. Cultural brokers would be an asset to any government because they would have the ability to determine why certain governments act and respond the ways that they do. This understanding could help the country grow as an international power and could help the country make better long-term decisions. Also, cultural brokers would be helpful in college life. There are so many different types of people coming from different cultures to study at the same school, and many cultures are not culturally hybridized as they could be because the students form cultural groups, and do not associate more than they have to with other cultures and culture groups. I have seen and experienced this firsthand here at Miami University. Cultural brokers could help different cultural groups understand each other and help the minorities of universities like Miami understand American culture, and help Americans understand the minorities’ culture....
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