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1. Peterson means that throughout the process of growing up, everyone in today’s modern world is exposed to forms of globalization. No place on earth is so isolated so that globalization is an obscure part of life. With today’s technology, everything moves fast. People, information, ideas, beliefs, and businesses can all travel anywhere. This means that cultures are always going to come into contact with each other, thus everyone will glow up global. Also, Peterson means that different locales may grow up under the influence of different aspects of globalization, but all locales are going to experience it . 2. Peterson says that globalization is about localization for several reasons. One reason is because without localization, globalization would not occur in many places. This is because if a
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Unformatted text preview: cultural idea or belief is directly transferred from one culture to another, it is not likely to be understood by the receiving culture. What you grow up with is what you understand, and understanding a foreign idea from across the globe will be like trying to read a language that you’ve never seen before. Another reason is because localization makes cultural hybridization more successful. A business that is successful in America may need to change certain parts of their company in order to cater to the needs of the people in a different country. All countries are different, and the people in these different countries have different beliefs and needs. A business that thrives in America could be of no importance to people of another country....
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