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1. The article suggests that the “naturalness” of the love of a mother for her baby is a cultural difference in many societies. In modernized societies, the “naturalness” of the love of a mother for her baby is expected. It is frowned upon in western societies to “give up a baby for natural causes.” In the society of the Alto de Cruzeiro, however, it is a cultural norm for a mother to engage in practices like these. This shows the radical difference between the industrialized nations and the third world nations of the modern
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Unformatted text preview: world. 2. I believe that the embryo adoption is the most disturbing NRT. I find the idea of in any way impregnating a woman who is not my wife wrong. This is morally wrong and is using another woman for something that she will not benefit from. I also find it disgusting that the embryo of my baby would be transferred to and from different women. I feel that this extremely unnatural process is immoral and risky, and do not believe it is right to engage in such a thing....
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