interVIEW - how they grew up playing sports Me If you grow...

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Age - Freshman, Ethnicity - Caucasion , Hometown - Columbus, Graduating high school class - 450 , Sports in High school - Soccer, reasons for coming here – Exercise, play basketball with friends Me: Why do you think the people here get mad so easily? Him: When they mess up they get angry because they don’t like to make mistakes Me: Do you think that’s because they want the respect of the people around them? Him: Partially, but mostly because they know they shouldn’t make those mistakes. Me: Why do you think some people get mad and others don’t? Him: Some people are more competitive than others. Me: What factors do you think influence competitiveness of people? Him: The amount of exposure they have of high levels of competition. Me: Do you think ethnicity, city size (that they grew up in), or age makes a difference in why people do or don’t get angry? Him: I think it depends on the individual, but they do factor in. Not a major impact, it’s more
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Unformatted text preview: how they grew up playing sports. Me: If you grow up in a big city compared to a tiny city, do you think it’ll affect competitiveness? Him: It’s more of how your parents raise you to play sports; if they involve you early in childhood and make you practice a lot, you’re more likely to be competitive and care more about results. Me: Do you think masculinity plays a part in why guys get angry? Him: Something about the way guys are wired makes them angry instead of sad, testosterone. Me: Do you believe American culture has made men the competitive, masculine stereotype that they assume today? Him: Yes, but they are not as stereotypical as other countries. Women here have more rights and are culturally accepted more for being individuals, but men are still the dominant race. Me: Thanks for your cooperation, etc....
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interVIEW - how they grew up playing sports Me If you grow...

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