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1. What artifact will you be analyzing for inquiry 2? Why? 2. What makes you interested in this artifact? In other words, think about why it is worth your attention and time. Choose something which has meaning and significance to you. For instance, if you plan to be a politician, why not analyze the website of a political cause you do or don't believe in? That way you become an informed "reader" of the rhetoric surrounding that issue. If you want to be a chiropractor, you might look at a chiropractic website so you learn a bit about the field you want to go into. Someday when you build your own site, you know how it should work. If you care about animal rights, you might do an analysis of an animal rights campaign. In short, while you can do product packages, the paper will be more useful to you if you pick something that really has significance to you.
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Unformatted text preview: Don't waste time doing something you don't care about. 1. I will be analyzing the Madden NFL 12 video game for a few reasons. One reason is because I believe that the game has a very rhetorical approach. The game is strategically made to give an ethos rhetorical approach in several different ways. Also, it is a very popular item so it is just to say that the rhetorical approaches are successful. 2. This item is significant to me because I love sports. I am currently undecided, but I recently met with the undergraduate leader of KNH about switching my major to sports studies, and I am 99 % sure that I will change my major in the next month. I am very competitive and sports give me an outlet to be competitive. I am very passionate about sports, also, and it is something that I am very interested in....
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