ENG111 Inquiry I

ENG111 Inquiry I - Winston Gordon Inquiry I Essay 8/31/11...

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Winston Gordon Inquiry I Essay 8/31/11 Rhetoric is an extremely useful literary tool. However, there is a proper way of using rhetoric. Throughout all of our lives we all use rhetoric from time to time in order to convince someone of something. In my case, one of these instances happened this past summer. My best friend and I wanted to drive down to Cincinnati in order to go to an event called Warped Tour. If you’re unfamiliar with this, Warped Tour is a music tour in which a significant number of well- known bands travels all over North America and performs. The way this works is that there are literally up to eight different bands or artists playing on different stages at the same time, and basically you walk around and go watch which ever band you would like to see. All of this takes place outdoors. The event that my friend and I wanted to go to began at 11:00 A.M. and ended at 9:00 P.M. This means that we would have to leave at about 7:00 A.M. and we would get back around 1:00 P.M., since it takes about four hours to drive to Cincinnati from where I live. My friend and I planned to take two girls with us that we had been hanging around with for the past month or so who were a year younger than us. My friend would be the one driving, since he has a purple convertible 1995 Ford Mustang GT. What could be any cooler, right? However, my friend, who was 18 just like me at the time, had only just gotten his license in May of that same year, and the concert was set for August 2 nd . This gave him roughly two to three months of driving experience, and he had never driven for longer than an hour since he had
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ENG111 Inquiry I - Winston Gordon Inquiry I Essay 8/31/11...

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