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ENG111 Inquiry II - Copy

ENG111 Inquiry II - Copy - Winston Gordon ENG111 Inquiry II...

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Winston Gordon ENG111 9/25/11 Inquiry II Rhetoric in the Third Degree How do you determine if you’re going to buy a product? Do you buy items simply because they “look” like they are of good quality? Are you the kind of person who goes for all of the well-known brand names? Or do you simply just buy an item that is of the cheapest price? No matter what your answers are to these questions, it is obvious in the modern times of today that advertising dominates the consumer world. In advertising products, rhetoric is used in order for that product to appeal to customers. Those who work in marketing department of large successful companies are experts in their fields, and have every last detail of advertising a product strategized so that profit and sales are maximized. If the strategies of marketing a product are so in depth, then how should the average consumer go about purchasing products? There are several ways as mentioned above that many consumers unaware of rhetoric purchase products. An alternate solution in our decision making would be to analyze the rhetoric of a product in order to truly see which product is of the best quality for the best price. Doing so would set aside all biases and help the consumer realize which product is worth buying. There are infinite cases of rhetoric proposed in different product advertisements. In order to show how rhetoric is used in just one of these cases, we will look at a commercial for the video game Madden NFL 12. In the commercial, the first thing you see is the PlayStation symbol pop up, and you hear the noise that all PlayStation games make each time you play it. This already relates the commercial to an entire group of consumers, being those who own a PlayStation. Next, the screen turns to a series of slow-motion clips in black and white of two
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guys sitting on a couch, who are identified to be brothers playing a Madden NFL video game. A narrator with a Boston accent explains the situation; the older brother always beats the younger brother in the game of Madden. The clips involve the older brother (in which is distinguished as older by the narrator’s comments) making several different cocky gestures at the younger brother celebrating that he is winning in the game of Madden that they are currently playing. These gestures include flinching at him, staring him down, laughing at him and pointing at the television, taunting him, and even roughing him up a little by shoving him. However, the camera
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