ENG111 Inquiry II Artifacts

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1. Stauffer's Animal Crackers 2. Gatorade G Series Powder Packs 3. Chewy S'mores granola bars 4. Madden NFL 12 1. Stauffer's Animal Crackers: There are a few reasons why I think this product is worth a 5 page analysis. One reason is that the product obviously uses a logos rhetorical approach. On the front of the package, right where your eyes are drawn to it states four different nutritional facts. Also, The package for the crackers seems like it is made just for children. The "Animal Crackers" text on the package is in a child-savvy font. The letters are huge and bright colored, and the font is very curvy and fun. This makes sure that if a child is walking down the aisle at Wal-Mart with mom, that the animal crackers will jump out at him and make him beg his mom to buy them. 2. Madden NFL 12: This video game is worth a 5 page analysis. One reason why it is worth it is because it uses the ethos rhetorical approach. Peyton Hillis, the well-known tailback of the
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