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I am trying to learn more about the new NFL rules on defensive tackling. I am studying this because I am trying to find out what the new rules are, why they were put in place, and whether the new rules simply provide safety for players or if it challenges the meaning of the game of football in order to propose new NFL legislation that still protects the players from vicious hits but also maintains the identity of the game. This topic is worthy of discussion because the safety of the players is involved. Players in the NFL often endure season, career, and in extremely rare cases even life ending injuries. There needs to be no gray area around the fine line between protecting the identity of the game of football and protecting the players. There are some new rules today in the NFL that take away some of the best parts of the game. This hurts the overall value of the NFL and makes the game less exciting. However, these new rules also protect the players. The true question is: should the die-hard
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