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Health Care Questions - Copy - 1. The ethos in this piece...

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1. The ethos in this piece is very effective. The producers of the video used the ethos rhetorical appeal by showing many different well-respected members of the medical field comment about the U.S. need for health care reform. Also, for each doctor that comments, their names appear in text on the bottom of the screen as well as “MD,” showing that they are certified medical doctors. The logos in this piece comes from primary sources of how the health care system currently works, which relates to the ethos because these primary sources come from well-respected doctors. The pathos in this piece includes some of the specific cases illustrated by the doctors which many people can relate to or at least put themselves in someone else’s shoes. These cases are illustrated in the video as a fault of the current health care system. This arouses emotions in the viewer because they feel bad for others. 2. Video 1: “450,000 doctors can’t be wrong” is the first image that you see. This grabs the attention of the viewer. The purpose of this image is to convey ethos because a doctor’s opinion on the subject of health care is an extremely reputable source. Also, this image uses logos. It is logical that if 450,000 doctors have the same opinion on a topic in the medical field, then they are most likely correct. All of the scenes are personal interviews. The function of this image is to create pathos. The style in which the interviews were conducted makes the viewer feel engaged in what the speakers have to say. It is almost as if the viewer feels like
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Health Care Questions - Copy - 1. The ethos in this piece...

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