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Inquiry III Prospectus - Copy

Inquiry III Prospectus - Copy - 1 Im going to write about...

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1. I’m going to write about the NFL’s new policies cracking down on violent and dangerous hits on NFL players. 2. This topic is important to me because sports are a huge part of my life. I have always loved and been passionate about sports. I am a very competitive person, which is the main reason that I enjoy sports so much. I always watch the NFL games and keep up with the latest news within the league. I also participate in several “fantasy” football leagues during each NFL season and am an extreme fan of the Cleveland Browns. 3. My motivation for writing on this topic is that there are positive and negative consequences that result from the stricter rules being imposed upon the game. Being a regular fan of the NFL, I do not like to see the game changing in ways that it makes it less exciting. However, I also think it should be a priority of the NFL to keep the players safe. It is necessary to find the proper balance between these two ideas. Someone should
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