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INTRO INQ 111 - Copy - Winston Gordon ENG111 10.19.11...

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Winston Gordon ENG111 10.19.11 Introduction for Inquiry III DeMarcus Ware bowls over the Patriots right tackle, as Tom Brady rolls right and is sacked by the 280 pound defensive end. However, a penalty flag is thrown and the call is illegal contact on Ware, because in sacking the quarterback, his left arm grazed Brady’s helmet. The result of this “roughing the passer” call is erasing the five yard loss and turning it into a 15 yard gain, and also a fresh set of downs for the New England offense. Plays like this can swing momentum and ultimately sway results of a game. As an avid NFL fan, I have seen situations like these take place multiple times over the past year. These situations make some fans question the integrity of the game these days. However, the players’ protection is an issue that also needs to be addressed. There have been many dangerous and flagrant hits that do deserve penalties. The NFL policies addressing the subject of dangerous hits should maintain appropriate balance between players’ safety and preserving the integrity and purpose of the game.
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