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Logos: 24 Pathos: 49 Ethos: 14 Over the past two days, I have realized that pathos is apparent in some way in almost all rhetorical appeals. This is especially true in advertisements. Whether it is the voice of the narrator of a commercial attempting to capture attention of men with a masculine voice or the bright colors of an ad, pathos is involved in the rhetorical appeal. Ethos can be involved in one of two ways. One way is the obvious way; a figure of high reputation and popularity is shown in an appeal. One example of this is that Peyton Hillis is on the Madden NFL 12 cover. The other way in which ethos can be involved in rhetorical appeals is a position that people envy. For example, the masculine, strong man in the Nexium commercial that is in my log was originally shown during his work hours as a construction worker. Construction workers make good money and he was obviously enjoying his line of work. No one
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Unformatted text preview: would know off of the top of their head who the guy is that plays the role of “construction worker” in the Nexium commercial, but ethos is still apparent because the reputation of a construction worker is envied by some people. That is, it is not just personal reputation that includes ethos; physical and status reputation is also a part of the ethos rhetorical appeal. Logos is a key part of many rhetorical appeals. The type of logos that I never previously recognized before this assignment if the logical rhetorical appeal. For instance, a parking sign I observed said “Red Permits Only.” There is a logos rhetorical appeal apparent here because the sign persuades those who do not have red parking passes to park there. Without the sign persuading people, anyone could and would park there. This very apparent and simple form of rhetoric is sometimes hidden, but I will now recognize it when I see it....
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