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Developing_a_Thesis_Claim - C Kashi food has impacted...

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__________ has impacted _____________ in _______________. X Y Z X= The Visual Y=The sub-culture you have chosen Z=a particular way it has been impacted Examples: A.) Red Cross Ads have positively affected young women in American by allowing them to join the workforce and actively participate in the war effort . B.) Army Propaganda has impacted American young men in a positive way by encouraging them to join the army voluntarily, eliminating the pressure of the draft
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Unformatted text preview: . C.) Kashi food has impacted middle-aged women in a positive way by promoting healthier eating choices and making those choices trendy. D.) Male perfume ads negatively impact adult men by creating false representations of the ideal man with regards to body and fashion expectations. E.) Sexual images in fast food ads negatively women and their confidence to please their partner by making men think fast food can be as good as sex....
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