BSU FA11 English 102--Syllabus MWF

BSU FA11 English 102--Syllabus MWF - Reyes Eng.102 Fall...

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Reyes Eng.102 Fall 2011 Boise State University Instructor: Hailey S. Reyes English 102-14 7:40-8:30am MWF LA 105 Office: PAAW 102 B E-Mail: [email protected] Writing, Researching, and Visual Rhetoric English Composition 102 Welcome to English 102:   Welcome to Writing, Researching and the Visual World.  Within this course, we will be  taking the skills we acquired in English 101 and extending them.  We will be focused on researching as a mode of inquiry,  meaning that research is not restricted to library trips but can include personal observation, interviews, personal  experiences, and numerous other sources.  We will find that research is not something that we only do for “research  papers,” but can be used to inform any piece of writing you do.  We want to be in conversation with our research,  speaking to and against what we read as we explore what we think ourselves.  We will be approaching this course in a  Visual Context, considering both writing and the visual world as forms of composition where rhetorical choices are made  to appeal to specific audiences and support arguments and assertions.   The BSU First-Year Writing Program’s competencies for English 102 are that students will demonstrate that they can: • understand academic work as a recursive process of inquiry, using writing and research to form new questions and pursue existing enduring questions; • craft questions that guide research, making their process manageable and likely to yield insights; • find, read, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize appropriate sources; • integrate evidence in their own writing in a way that complicates (develops, refines, extends, refutes, and deepens) their own ideas; • produce research-based writing in formats appropriate to the context, purpose, genre, and audience; • implement a variety of research strategies and resources as appropriate to their inquiry; • use a variety of media (print and digital) to address different audiences, as appropriate; • understand genre expectations for some research-based writing contexts within the university; • use an academic documentation style consistently and appropriately; • articulate the rhetorical choices they have made as a writer and researcher, illustrating their awareness of a writer’s relationship to the subject, context, purpose, and audience; • produce prose without surface-level convention errors that distract readers from attending to the meaning and purpose of the writing. Class Texts and Materials: Please have the following materials and bring them to class EVERY day (you may 
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BSU FA11 English 102--Syllabus MWF - Reyes Eng.102 Fall...

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