Comm 101 Exam #2 Review

Comm 101 Exam #2 Review - COMM 101 Exam#2 Review Chapter 14...

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COMM 101 Exam #2 Review Chapter 14 Public speaking as enlarged conversation – prepare formally, present personally Choosing a topic General Purposes – inform, persuade, “special occasion” instead of speech to entertain Table 14.1 – inform vs. persuade vs. special occasion Specific Purpose Thesis - what you “prove” to be a true statement with information in the body of your speech Demographic audience analysis Situational audience analysis Chapter 15 “Communication Highlight” – evaluating online sources for speeches Personal knowledge, interviews, surveys Evidence – statistics, examples, comparisons, quotations, visual aids Halo effect Guidelines for using visual aids Table 15.3 – guidelines for using slides Chapter 16 Formal (sentence) outline Key Word outline Organizing the body of a speech – time or chronological, spatial, topical, star, wave, comparative, problem-solution, cause-effect or effect-cause, The Introduction – gain attention, build link, establish
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