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master calandar - Roll Assorted Milk 15 Beef Stew Sides...

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 28 Cheeseburger Sides: French Fries Corn on the Cobb Fruit Salad Assorted Milk 1 Meatloaf Sides: Broccoli Corn Risotto Assorted Milk 2 Stuffed Shells with Meat Sauce Sides: Green Beans Roll Tossed Salad Assorted Milk 3 Sausage and Pepper Pizza Sides: Garlic Bread Greek Salad Apple Assorted Milk 4 Chicken Burrito Sides: Tropical Fruit Salad Salsa Brown Rice Assorted Milk Vegetarian Option: Mac and Cheese Sides: Yogurt, Carrot Sticks, Grapes, Assorted Milk 7 Grilled Cheese With tomato soup Sides: Grapes Carrot Sticks Assorted Milk 8 Chicken Pot Pie Sides: Grapes Garden Salad Cornbread Assorted Milk 9 Turkey Caesar Wrap Sides: Apple slices Carrot sticks Rice Assorted Milk 10 Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard Sides: French Fries Apple Roll Assorted Milk 11 Beef Chop Suey Sides: Green beans Mashed Potatoes Cheese Stick Roll Assorted Milk
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Vegetarian Option: Cheese Quiche Sides: Apple Slices with Peanut Butter Steamed Carrots, Roll, Assorted Milk 14 Cheese Quiche Sides: Apple Slices with peanut butter Steamed Carrots
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Unformatted text preview: Roll Assorted Milk 15 Beef Stew Sides: Peaches Cornbread Cheese Stick Assorted Milk 16 Taco Salad Sides: Tossed Salad Orange Roll Assorted Milk 17 Oven Fried Chicken Sides: Mashed Potatoes Green Beans Rice Assorted Milk 18 Mac and Cheese Sides: Yogurt Carrot Sticks with Ranch Dressing Grapes Assorted Milk Vegetarian Option: Vegetarian Quesadilla Sides: Banana, Orange, Roll, Assorted Milk 21 Toasted Turkey, Ham and Cheese Sandwich Sides: Apple Diced Tomatoes and Cucumbers Assorted Milk 22 Vegetable Quesadilla Sides: Banana Orange Roll Assorted Milk 23 Baked Cajun Fish Sides: Biscuit Brown Rice Broccoli Grapefruit Assorted Milk 24 Breakfast for Lunch Sides: Yogurt Fresh Strawberries Biscuit Orange Juice Assorted Milk 25 Sloppy Joe Sides: Baked Sweet Potato Carrot Sticks Banana Assorted Milk Vegetarian Option: Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup Sides: Grapes, Carrot Sticks Assorted Milk...
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