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mla 3 - HT-MGT 355 Lab Assignment Learning Activity Service...

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HT-MGT 355 Lab Assignment Learning Activity Service Position Name__Virginia Nolan_________________ Meal 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 DIRECTIONS: Complete the following questions. All assignments MUST be word- processed or they will NOT be accepted. Assignments must be turned in to the instructor ON/BEFORE lab day. Late Assignments are NOT accepted. 1. What is the menu for this meal? What ingredients in this meal could customers have food allergies to? The menu is: Potato and Leek soup, which has gluten Or Wild Rice Soup, which has gluten Cranberry nut bread, which has eggs, gluten, walnuts, and milk Garden Salad with thousand island dressing, which has no allergens Chicken Francaise, which has gluten and egg Penne Alfredo, which has gluten and dairy Brownie A la Mode, which has eggs, dairy and gluten
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