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Unformatted text preview: HT-MGT 355 Lab Assignment Learning Activity Service Position Name _Virginia Nolan_____________ Meal 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 DIRECTIONS: Complete the following questions. All assignments MUST be wordprocessed or they will NOT be accepted. Assignments must be turned in to the instructor ON/BEFORE lab day. Late Assignments are NOT accepted. 1. What is the menu for this meal? What ingredients in this meal could customers have food allergies to? Chicken and Rice Soup – Gluten Garden Vegetable Soup – none Honey Wheat Bread – eggs, gluten Mixed Greens with Honey Mustard salad – Gluten Chicken Marsala – Gluten Mashed Potatoes – Dairy Sauteed Spinach – none Apple Cream Cheese Tort – gluten, dairy, eggs 2. How do you prepare serving trays for service? Where would you place tray stands in the dining room? Place tray stands in strategic locations in the dining area. Prepare serving trays by placing a wet towel or napkin on them before placing the plates on them to prevent plates from slipping. 3. Who do you serve first at a table? What side of the customer do you serve and clear from (in 355)? Serve from the right, clear from the left. Serve women and children first. 4. When you serve menu items to a table you will serve everyone at one table before you move to a new table. True or False True 5. When do you offer more coffee, tea or water? When cup is down to one-third full ...
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