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mush risotto - Timing CCP Recipe Method 4:00 Gather and...

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DEPARTMENT OF HOSPITALITY OF TOURISM MANAGEMENT RECIPE FORM FOR COURSE HT- MGT: 355 RECIPE NAME: Mushroom Risotto Conversion Factor = 2 RECIPE SOURCE: 355 Recipes YIELD: 15 pounds YIELD COST:$35.04 RECIPE TYPE: Prep PORTION SIZE: 4 oz PORTION COST:$0.58 PORTIONS IN YIELD: 60 A P Quantity Ingredient Purchase Cost Net Cost Preparation Notes 6 oz Butter 3.32/lb 1.25 6 lb Arborio Rice .92 lb 5.52 x 1 lb Yellow onion .5 lb 0.5 Medium Dice 8 oz Chicken Base .39 oz 3.12 For Stock 2.5 gal Water -------- ------ For Stock 1 lb Parmesan Cheese 5.29 lb 5.29 Grated 6 oz Butter 3.32/lb 1.25 x 10 lb Mushrooms, white 1.72 lb 17.2 Sliced thin, sautéed 1 Tbsp Salt .01 tbsp 0.01 To Taste 1 Tbsp Black Pepper .02 tsp 0.06 To Taste 1 Tbsp Garlic Powder .28 tsp 0.84 To Taste Recipe Timing, CCP, Prep Method, and Recipe Method
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Unformatted text preview: Timing CCP Recipe Method 4:00 Gather and prep ingredients. Make stock. 5:30 In a large rondeau, sauté the onion the butter. Add the rice and coat the rice with butter, almost toasting the rice. 5:40 Add one-third of the HOT stock to the rice, and bring to a slow simmer stirring occasionally. Keep covered when not stirring. 5:50 When the rice has absorbed the stock, add another addition of the HOT stock. Keep repeating the method until the rice is full cooked. 6:10 When risotto is cooked, lower heat. Add parmesan cheese, sautéed mushrooms, butter, and season to taste. 6:15 140 deg F Transfer to a hotel pan and keep hot for service....
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