Medical sociology Chapter 8

Medical sociology Chapter 8 - Amber Chamberlain 1 Chapter...

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Amber Chamberlain 1 Chapter 8: Healing Options (Reading) I. Osteopaths a. Andrew Taylor Still (founder) i. Believed illness was caused by dislocation of one or more bones in the spinal column and that a pathological condition in one of the body’s organs affect other organs ii. American Osteopathic Associations (professional organization) iii. American Medical Association (AMA) recognize osteopath as a medical specialty II. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) a. Treatments not commonly practiced by the medical profession: i. Chiropractors, faith healers, folk healers, acupuncturists, homeopath (use of microdoses of natural substances to bolster immunity), naturopaths (disease arises from blockages in a person’s life force) b. Other treatments: i. Aromatherapy (aromatic oils for relaxation), ayurveda (oils and massages to treat insomnia, hypertension, and digestive problems), shiatsu (Japanese therapeutic massage), crystal healing (healing energy from quartz and other minerals), biofeedback (machines that train people to control involuntary bodily functions) c. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine: i. To facilitate research and the evaluation of CAM techniques and make this information available to practitioners and the public d. Middle or working class use the alternative medicine e. Lower class usually use faith and folk healers
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Medical sociology Chapter 8 - Amber Chamberlain 1 Chapter...

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