Teres - 4:15 Whip butter in small mixing machine combine all ingredients 4:30 Roll in parchment paper and chill 5:15 40 deg F Slice butter into ¼

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DEPARTMENT OF HOSPITALITY OF TOURISM MANAGEMENT RECIPE FORM FOR COURSE HT- MGT: 355 RECIPE NAME: Grilled Beef Teres with Garlic Butter Conversion Factor = 4 RECIPE SOURCE: 355 Recipes YIELD: 15 pounds YIELD COST: $60.53 RECIPE TYPE: Prep PORTION SIZE: 4 oz PORTION COST: $1.01 PORTIONS IN YIELD: 60 A P Quantity Ingredient Purchase Cost Net Cost Preparation Notes 16 lb Teres major steak 3.43/lb 54.88 8 oz Vegetable oil .07/oz .56 2.52 oz Salt .01/oz .03 1.24 oz Pepper, ground .27/oz .33 1 lb Butter 3.32/lb 3.32 .88 oz Garlic 1.57/lb 1.38 minced 1 tsp Salt .01/tsp .01 1 tsp Pepper, ground .02/tsp .02 Recipe Timing, CCP, and Recipe Method Timing CCP Recipe Method 4:00 Gather ingredients for butter. Turn on Grill.
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Unformatted text preview: 4:15 Whip butter in small mixing machine; combine all ingredients. 4:30 Roll in parchment paper and chill. 5:15 40 deg F Slice butter into ¼ inch disks. Chill again until service 5:30 Brush steaks with oil and season with salt and pepper. 5:45 165 deg F Grill 6 minutes on each side. Remove and let meat rest for 5 minutes. Slice beef and place into a hotel pan (ready for service) 6:00 Take out butter for service to let soften slightly. 6:10 165 deg F 140 deg F Reheat beef in oven until internal temperature is reached Place in Steam Table for service - Hold at 140°F...
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