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motel security - Virginia Nolan 23235994 Reflection Paper...

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Virginia Nolan 23235994 Reflection Paper Motel Security Due March 11, 2010 The main point of the video is that motel security is definitely lacking . Many serious crimes including burglary and sexual assault have been committed at motels, and many of these crimes could have been prevented if better security measures were in place . For one thing the doors to the rooms should all be equipped with peepholes, deadbolts, and flip locks . This means that the guest will be able to see who is at the door without fully opening it, and also the door will be securely locked if the guest uses the deadbolt . Electronic key cards are another security measure that should be in place because hard keys are easy to copy and replace, while key cards can be deactivated as soon as the guest checks out . The key cards should also not be able to open the side doors after the guest checks out as well . Security personnel are also important in ensuring guest safety, and they should be well trained and alert at all times on the job .
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