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Brittany Mack Manufacturing of Seeds: The process of seed manufacturing starts with the growth or the plant the produces the seed. All plants and seeds take a different amount of time to grow, processed, and sold. Once the plants that produce the seeds are fully-grown the seeds are harvested. After the seeds are harvested they are brought to a manufacturing plant that process and sorts the seeds according quality and color, this is when the inspection process also takes place. The seeds are then separated and sorted depending on what they are going to be used for, cooking, butters or pastes, bird food, horse or cow feed, etc. The seeds are then dried or roasted. After the seeds are cleaned, processed, and packaged. The seeds are then distributed to the public. The system of manufacturing seeds varies depending on the type of seed, how the plant is grown, and how long the drying or roasting processes takes. However, all seeds manufacturing has the basic process of growing, harvesting,
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Unformatted text preview: drying, and packaging. Favorite Links: This link has information on sunflower seeds in particular and the manufacturing process. This link contains information about seeds, the different types of seeds, and different seed functions. Seed Requirements: The key factors in storing seeds are to keep them cool and dry. When seeds are kept under 8% moisture and under 40 degrees Fahrenheit they will keep for 10 years. What to look for in quality: As long as the seeds have been kept dry, the seeds will keep well. If the seeds get wet, however, they will start to germinate, and will no longer be good to eat. Seeds that are cracked or open should not be eaten. Favorite Links:
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