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I was surprised to see that gaming was not really the most prominent thing on their website. There was a gaming tab, but there were also dining, entertainment, accommodations, salon and spa, meetings, shopping, golf, and about the Pequots. The information given on the Pequots was very thorough and explained their history as well as how their tribal government works. I was glad to see that through the Fox Woods website they are preserving and promoting the tribal culture , and it is a big part of the resort. I was also pleased to see that they offered a variety of activities besides gaming, and have really made a full resort and not just a casino.
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Unformatted text preview: However, Im sure that the casino is the main source of revenue for the resort. I was disappointed that I could not find anything about responsible gaming on the website. I looked through the entire gaming section, which detailed all the types of games and betting they offered, but said nothing about problem gaming, treatment, or even a hotline number. What does Foxwoods do, if anything, to prevent or treat problem gamblers. What do you like about working in the casino industry? Is there anything you dislike? What is the internal workplace culture like at the casino?...
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