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What do you think about this idea of placing casinos in communities which are economically disadvantaged vs. those that are prosperous? Do the effects stay that local? Might a "rich" community be right next door to a poor one? Does the poor community really reap that much more of a benefit, or are they forever changed and stuck with the casino in their town. Do the residents of the rich town get to say, "I love casinos, but wouldn't want it in my town!"? (NIMBY: Not in my backyard!) I think that it is a bad idea to place casinos in places that are economically disadvantaged, but that is often exactly where the casinos are put in. Rich people do not want casinos in their community because they don’t want to deal with the traffic and congestion that the casino will bring. They want their communities to stay clear from any big commercial business. This means that casinos are often put in poorer areas that already have commercial business. This means that the business that is already there is cannibalized by the casino.
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Unformatted text preview: Also when casinos are in poorer places it takes money out of the pockets of the people who really don’t have the money to gamble. The poor community barely ever reaps the benefit of having a casino in their community. And instead they are stuck with a casino in their town that might economically benefit others, and maybe the state as a whole, but really isn’t directly benefiting the people who live in the community where it is located. I think it is hypocritical when people are pro-casino, as long as it is not in their town where they have to see it an deal with the problems that a casino might bring with it. They are basically putting those problems on someone else, so that they might be able to visit the casino without driving all the way to Foxwoods, for example. If Massachusetts wants a casino, for example, we should be willing to put it in Weston just as quickly as we would be willing to put it in Fall River....
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