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After taking this class my view on gambling is definitely different. I came into the class thinking that the gambling industry should not be regulated, and that people need to make their own personal choices about gambling. Now I see that there is a lot more that needs to be considered because gaming is a very unique industry. It is a product that is addictive to some, so that needs to be considered, and the industry needs to take some responsibility for people getting hurt. Also the rights of states to determine their gambling policy for themselves, as well as the role of the Federal Government in the decision making makes policy making around this subject very tricky. Native American rights are also an aspect that I had not thought of before. I now see the need for regulation of this industry, and now I actually think that more regulation is needed.
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Unformatted text preview: I think that some regulation needs to be put on internet gambling, especially to prevent those who are underage from playing. I am not sure how that would work, however. I also have a different view of the lottery now. I do not think that the government should profit from gambling, especially because they restrict the industry. I think that the lottery is a regressive tax and after taking this class I really do not agree with the lottery system. I would also like to comment that I felt like I got a lot out of listening to the guest speakers. Hearing different perspectives from Councils on Problem Gambling, the industry, past gambling addicts, and policymakers, really gave me a full view of the issue from every angle. I thought that the guest speakers were a really good part of the class and I recommend keeping them....
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