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D2 Ginny Nolan I think that casinos bring more business and revenue to other businesses. Casinos are an attraction that brings people to an area that probably would otherwise not have come. These people then spend additional money in restaurants, hotels and shopping. Perhaps in areas like Las Vegas where the casinos have their own hotel rooms this detracts from other hotels in the area, but most people come to the Las Vegas area to gamble, therefore they would not be staying in the area anyway if it were not for the casinos. These people still spend money in restaurants,
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Unformatted text preview: bars, retail stores, going to shows and on transportation among other things. Cannibalism might take place somewhat if the area has mega casinos that include many of these products and services, but as long as more people are coming to the area, they will spend at least some money outside the casino. I think that those who claim that casinos do not generate much money for other businesses probably do not like casinos in general. Casinos not only generate money for the private sector, but they also bring money to the state through taxes....
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