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If economic transfer does exist, maybe government doesn't mind it. After all, they get more money from gaming revenues than from other business taxes. So, is there a conflict of interest here since government is the very body who decides if there will be gaming, and then regulates it once we do have it? Is there an automatic incentive for government to support gaming, i.e. grant licenses and enter into compacts with Indian tribes? Please (1) upload your response as a .doc or .docx attachment AND (2) cut and paste your response into the submission box. FAILURE TO INCLUDE YOUR TEXT IN THE SUBMISSION BOX WILL RESULT IN ZERO CREDIT. Print and bring your response with you. Economic transfer does exist from the gambling industry to the government because the government taxes casinos more than other businesses, and therefore gets millions in tax revenue from the gambling industry. They also operate, and therefore profit immensely from the state lottery and scratch tickets. This means there is absolutely a conflict of interest
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Unformatted text preview: because the body that is supposed to do whatever is best for the general population (the government), whether that is to allow gambling or not, has a definite bias in one direction. The government financially benefits from supporting the gambling industry and allowing it to grow. Therefore they are not unbiased in deciding whether introducing more casinos is a good idea for the residents, or for the overall economy of the area, instead their judgment is clouded by knowing of all the tax revenue that the gambling industry would bring to the government. This is like how cigarettes are taxed by the government. They are something that is bad for the people who consume them. However, cigarettes are legal in all 50 states even though they bring no economic benefits to the area and are proven to be extremely bad for the people who smoke. Cigarettes, however, are taxed by the state and federal government, and therefore will probably never be outlawed....
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