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I believe that Native American Tribal casinos should have full sovereignty over their gaming related activities. The Native American tribes had their land and rights taken away by what is now the United States Federal Government as well as the State Governments of this country. I think that they should have the right to govern themselves when it comes to gaming at least. It is one of the only sources of revenue for the Tribes that has not been cut off by the US government. Tribes should be able to make their own gambling regulations and the government should not interfere especially when we allow gambling in the United States, and even the government itself profits heavily from the lottery. Sovereignty does not affect those who are not part of the tribe. Others could work there or visit the casinos, but other than that I do not think that sovereignty when it comes to regulating gambling should be infringed upon by non-tribal members because they are not directly affected
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Unformatted text preview: by the consequences. If do believe that Native American casinos should treat non-tribal customers as well as tribal customers. I think that Native American casinos should be able to show preference in hiring tribal members, however, because a casino should create jobs for the tribal community. I think that Native American Tribes have the right to own and operate their own casinos. Especially because there is limited space on the reservations, so there is no real threat of huge expansion. The tribes should be able to run a lottery as well as a sovereign nation just as the states do. Casinos can create jobs and revenue for otherwise struggling tribal communities. The US government should not be able to regulate what tribes do as far as gambling especially because the government profits from casinos and lottery in the US. The government should focus on what should happen with internet gambling which is much more of an issue and leave the tribes to regulate themselves....
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