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1) –only remembers the bad things about poker, but everything else remembers only the good things -physical addiction much like drugs/alcohol. Interrupts sleeping and eating patterns -“I got the urge bad tonight. It’s crawling up every inch of my body like a flesh-eating disease” -“2:30 am and I had been playing poker since four oclock the previous morning” -Dangerous Driving! -Grandfather was also a gambling addict - more prone to problem gambling, early childhood memories of poker with grandfather. -Lost Taylor because of gambling -Only 25 years old! Developed the problem mostly in college . -Poker is a game of skill, BUT luck is always a factor. There is no way to guarantee a win even with the best hand.
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Unformatted text preview: -Value of money is important. “Johnny Raise” types vs. people who need the cash. Makes Poker unfair 2) I really liked the quotes on the home page of the site, as Joe talking to the visitors. At the end he says he wants people to contact him, and there is a tab that says “contact me.” He also has a tab for his blog which he updates regularly, as well as photos. The site has a very personal feel, which I like. Questions: 1) Overall are you glad that you had this problem and overcame it? Or do you wish you had never played poker in your life? 2) What advice would you give to college students about poker and gambling? 3) What do you think about the overall expansion of gambling in America?...
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