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Virginia Nolan Essay 2 If I were a kitchen appliance I would definitely be a blender. When I think of a blender I think of a reliable, industrious, efficient, and versatile appliance that is essential in every kitchen. I pride myself in being a dependable employee who rarely misses work and can always be counted on, like a blender that is a staple in any kitchen. I work hard to never miss a deadline and to always show up on time. I also am very efficient both at work and when focusing on school. I get everything that needs to be done out of the way, and then take on new extra
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Unformatted text preview: projects, much like a blender can handle any recipe that comes its way, and it does it quickly with just the press of button. I can also perform any task that needs to be done and I find a way to produce the desired or needed product, much like a blender is versatile and is capable of not only blending, but puréeing, mincing and chopping depending on whether you are making salsa, or a smoothie. Like a blender I have always been dependable, hard working, capable, and able to do multiple tasks....
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