Htm 260 EC - have to do something to reduce the cost of health care to the organization Chapter 15 1 Employers have gone about controlling

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Virginia Nolan 23235994 HTM 260 Extra Credit Questions 1 & 2 (p 449 for Chapter 14) Chapter 14 1) Benefits are strategically important to employers because they are part of the total rewards “package” when determining organizational strategies. Benefits are one way that organizations can choose to compete for or retain employees. Some key strategic considerations include workforce competition, organizational life cycle, and corporate strategies. 2) For decades the costs of health care have gone up considerably. As a result of these large increases employers have a hard time dealing with health-care benefits finding it to be time-consuming and extremely expensive. Many small firms have discontinuing or dramatically reducing health care benefits. This causes conflicts between employers and employees because employees do not like to see their benefits get cut, but employers
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Unformatted text preview: have to do something to reduce the cost of health care to the organization. Chapter 15 1) Employers have gone about controlling worker’s compensation costs by implementing return-to-work plans where the organization monitors employees who are off work due to injuries and illness. Also plans focus on returning the individuals to light-duty work that is less physically demanding until they are ready to return to their normal job. It is important to monitor your employees on worker’s compensation because worker’s compensation fraud is a fast-growing and expensive problem. 2) An employer should maintain a safe workplace for all by seeking the safest working methods, comply with all state and federal safety laws, inform employees of any known risks, and document employee acceptance of any risks in order to prepare for an OSHA inspection....
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