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Ginny Nolan Intercultural Communication Essay My Cultural Clash with Ice Cream Intercultural communication issues can arise in everyday activities. The littlest things are difficult when there is a misunderstanding due to cultural differences. These differences can be highlighted in everyday activities; even in something like ordering an ice cream cone. I have worked at the Dairy Queen around the corner from my house every summer since I was in high school. I have dealt with hundreds of customers, and come across quite a few who were from a culture different from myself. At times I have been shocked at what a big difference cultural issues can make even in a short conversation ordering ice cream cones or milkshakes. Sometimes the differences are apparent even before the conversation starts. I have noticed that people from Hispanic countries have a very different attitude toward time than Americans. While working at Dairy Queen Hispanic families would be much more relaxed while ordering, they would take their time whereas Americans felt much more rushed. Often times Spanish speaking families would not know what they wanted to order even if they had been waiting in line for ten minutes. They would reach the window, and then ask their children
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intercultural communication essay - Ginny Nolan...

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