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1) One thing that I did not know was that 20% of players make up 70% of revenue for the lottery. This means that a majority of the revenue is coming from the same small number of people, so the spending is not distributed evenly throughout the population at all. Also most regular lottery players are from poorer areas, so they are the ones who have the least to spend. Another thing that I learned was how easy it is for underage people to buy lottery tickets. I was stunned when they showed a 17 year old girl walk into store after store and not be questioned at all. Even more shocking was when they showed a clearly underage kid buying a lottery ticket with ease. I thought that age would be regulated at least as much as cigarettes and alcohol, but clearly that is not the case. Another thing that I did not know was that millions of dollars are spent by the government encouraging people to buy lottery tickets. This is shocking as well because lotteries were illegal for 70 years, and now the government is spending millions encouraging this very behavior! 2)
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