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Virginia Nolan 1) One thing that I was unaware of was that although gambling revenue goes directly to cities and towns, the cities and towns also have a few costs associated with legalized gambling as well. Housing costs increase, the need for housing and employees increases, the public safety budget, and school costs increase as well. It is important to recognize all of these associated costs and factor them into the total benefits that gambling brings to cities and towns. I also did not realize that legalized gambling hurts the lottery as well. It cannibalizes lottery revenues and people basically have to gamble 6x as much on a slot machine to make as much revenue as the state would have gotten if that money were spent on lotto tickets. Legalized gambling actually hurts other forms of legalized gambling, which in turn hurts the state more. Another thing that I thought was very interesting that Rep Bosley said was that slot machines actually mimic cocaine addiction in the brain. Therefore it is really an addiction and not just lack of will power for those
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