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A3 - A3 Virginia Nolan To begin I typed problem gambling...

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A3 Virginia Nolan To begin I typed “problem gambling” into a Google search. The National Council for Problem gambling was the first thing to come up. It is an excellent resource and was easy to navigate. It defines what problem gambling is and gives the criteria for someone who might be a problem gambler. For example if you lie about the amount you gamble, or gamble to escape worry or trouble. It answers frequently asked questions in depth such as Isn't problem gambling really the result of irresponsible or weak-willed people?” and “How can a person be addicted to something that isn't a substance?”. I thought that these questions and answers would be very helpful if I had a gambling problem that I was trying to handle. There are also links to press releases about gambling, as well as the number for the national problem gambling helpline. It also has links on how to find councilors, and helplines by state. I was impressed with how in- depth this website was. The URL for this site is
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