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A4 - A4 Hernandez Presentation Reflection One thing that I...

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A4 Hernandez Presentation Reflection One thing that I learned that I didn’t already know was that an early big win is a major risk factor for children. If they win say, $500 at an early age, this is a huge win for them. This makes it more likely that they will have a gambling problem in adulthood. Another thing that I learned was that problem gamblers are more than 4.5 times more likely to have substance problems. This shows the connection between all kinds of addiction, and perhaps that some people’s brains are wired differently that makes them more susceptible to be dependent on substances and gambling. Lastly I did not realize what a big role culture might have in the way we treat addiction. Mr. Hernandez made a point to explain that we all have biases based on our own experiences and that we need to take these biases into account when treating people. It is important to understand both their culture, as well as our own to know the best way to approach treatment.
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